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Jan 13, - These gathers run along the length of the diaper, as opposed to around the legs. They are effective in containing feces, which could push outwards, pulling the leg gathers open at the seat. If the penis is in the 'down' position, these gathers provide an extra barrier against leaks out the seat. However, there. Point the Penis Where? Tips for Cloth Diapering Boys | Cloth Diaper Kids Blog Pristine. Age: 19. Classy and sensual, denise enjoys travelling, good restaurants and meeting intelligent, classy gentlemen Subscribe Now Add to my Tracker. Geoffrey May 9, at Oct 12, - Is cloth diapering different for boys as opposed to girls? Make sure, at every change that you gently point the penis down between the legs. Tags: baby boy pee leaks, bamboo insert, boys, cloth diapering boys, diaper change, leaks. Araya. Age: 22. 1 HOUR 600 TL+TAXI May 2014 Babies Should I aim his penis down? I have trouble with poop leaking out the leg holes, especially when I'm breastfeeding him probably because of the position. -- They actually looked like dryer sheets to me - you fold them over the pointed down penis before diapering think buy buy baby always had konservatizm.info is his pee going out the back of his diaper!?!? However it all depends on types of diaper/nappy and penis size. A lot of men with an abdl fetish tend to have small penises and for them if wearing a large thick nappy then it doesn't really matter whether its up or down from my experience. Judged: 2. 1 Position is a dilemma for me. Sleeping up in a.

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Veronica. Age: 25. Iam Yakira Apr 12, - When changing a boys diaper do you have to put the penis down when putting the new diaper on? I read a few answers to a question and a few people said yes they put the penis down and some said no. I was wondering what the point was. I dont do it and i notice sometimes he wets his clothes while layin. Dec 26, - This lady's advice does not make sense to me. Because if I am not using diaper and I put on his pants then how do I point it up? In loose pants it will naturally point down. Wetting flows out at the top of the diaper and follows gravity downward, meaning you're using the entire front panel for absorbency. The position of the penis is relatively flat, which lets you tape or pin the diaper tighter in the front. This can help prevent leakage from a loose fit. If the wearer experiences an erection, the penis.


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