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My mom is a stripper A single mother resorting to exposing herself to hundreds of strange men, doing God- knows-what, in order to provide for her year-old son. It's a mix of emotions for me right now. I feel disturbed, angry, worried, depressed. My soul is a chaotic cauldron right now. I fear something horrible may. How to Tell Your Mom You’re An Exotic Dancer Eufrat. Age: 25. I'm interesting beautiful interesting young girl who would like to meet with self-confident intelligent men)) In my free time I like to travel, read books, meet with new people and do sport)) What is more, I enjoy showing Prague to tourists! If you are interested - let me know so we could arrange meeting=** Wait for you! Not a Topix user yet? Yeah — so what was crossing the threshold like, how did you finally go from that theoretical place to your first real job? Feb 14, - A stripper's pole punctuates the center of Leah Bay's sparsely furnished dining room in a working-class section of Queens, NY. Plastic gold trophies--Miss Nude Brunette among them--line shelves along the wall, and large cardboard boxes brim with the glittery outfits Leah wears onstage: drum majorette. Yui. Age: 26. If you want a docile 'lie back and think of england' type of girl then i am not for you, but for a sexual experience you will not forget then try me! Invalid URL May 1, - My mom was a stripper when I was growing up. I found out what a stripper was and also found out that she was one. It broke my little heart and made me. @FUall77 Well, that's a tough one Firstly, and this is a generalization that doesn't apply to everyone, but every stripper I know didn't plan their kids. Just a trend. I am sure some do. The ones I know, didn't. Stipping is an excellent source of income for a single mom. It's hard to knock that I spend a lot of.

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Lina. Age: 28. Kissing included in service Ok so I have a friend who is a single mom (dad is in babys life,but lives out of state) She's had a hard time finding a stable job to support her and her little one and has finally resorted to stripping. Obviously she's recieved alot of jugdment for it,but i dont think this job defines what kind of parent she is!Single moms making money as a stripper?! Thoughts. Dec 18, - I once helped a stripper who had used drugs to keep custody of her child. Can he bring it up to the court? Sure. People bring up stranger stuff than that, sometimes even fabricated. I can't promise that the court will allow you primary custody no matter what. The court process looks to the best interests of the  My child's mother is a full-time stripper and c. Apr 21, - I know mothers who have been able to turn their lives around with stripping. One girl I know is a model, also a stripper. She has a daughter in private school and lives in the suburbs. I know a girl who is training to be a paramedic- she left an abusive relationship and is supporting herself very well.


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