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Dec 12, - It didn't bother me until now my gf wants to try anal, but she's hairy in there which really puts me off. How can I tell her to . My ass is hairy like a gorillas lol, I mean shaving my face, because she likes my face smoothpersonally I think I thought all girls had a little bit of hair down there. Girlfriend has hairy bum.. how to tell her politely? - The Student Room Dina. Age: 26. Hello, I am Hicran from Istanbul Oh gosh, I thought I was the only one! Are you totally over removing it or do you remove it the second you see it? Dec 18, - ladies get hairy as hell, too. Of course, some of us have coarser hair than others and some of us have darker hair than others, but if you feel like the only girl who has to deal with a few hairs on your chin, you're definitely not. Seirously, you're not. Check out these seven weird places that tons of girls grow. INES. Age: 23. Gentlemen My wife has a hairy butt? Is it common? Dec 2, - If you're a hairy-ass lady, don't sweat it (seriously sweat plus excessive body hair is not a fun recipe for BO)—There are worse things than being hairy. Being mean or racist or having incurable foot fungus, for example. Regardless, there are still struggles that go along with being a woman who is blessed. Hi. I'm 23 and have long blonde-very light brown vellus-type hair all over my body. I am getting electrolysis on my upper lip and sideburns and it is going ok so far. However, there is another area that deeply bothers me-- I am so depressed over it. It is my buttocks.. I waxed the hair there several times for.

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Sierra. Age: 28. I’m a professional masseuse, beautiful, sexy and elegant and well-educated, you can get highly benefited out of my service Jun 21, - Is it common for a women to have a hairy butt. I just found out her butt was hairy after we first started to have sex (Newly Weds)! I was surprised and a little shocked. She was very offended. I don't know how to say sorry to her. I really love her. I just never seen a women with a hairy butt before. I thought only. My ex had a hairy crack. Just like a patch of 3 hairs jus above starfish but didn't notice till felt it on me Tongue Thinkin of that made it so fhuckin easy to forget about her. Fhuckin gross man I lol at the next guy that gets her. didn't notice? were you licking her ass in the dark or something i bet you cleaned all. Feb 9, - For hirsute women, the appearance of thick, dark hair on places not usually deemed “feminine” kicks in during puberty, and it affects 5 to 10 percent of American females. .. It got to a point where he wanted me to look a certain way and be a trophy girlfriend and that's when I got rid of his ass. Another had.


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