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Sep 19, - at the chance to administer a spanking. The three teen-agers who join forces include a recent German immigrant named Udo (Ralf Schirg), whose loutish father (a former Nazi SS officer) is only too happy to ship him abroad to a maiden aunt, and his new American acquaintances, Dieter (Matt Klemp), with. Netflix DVDs - Ivana. Age: 26. If what you seek is high quality and high intensity GFE entertainment then please bookmark my page and add me to your all time favorite's list! I never disappoint my fans, I strive to be the best time you have ever had! I am 25 years old, very active, non smoker and just full of unbounded energy Maybe he has AIDS or just the flu, we're never sure. It is worth a watch if you have nothing to do, but don't expect it to be too entertaining. As has been stated repeatedly, we all really like the lead actor, Matt Klemp, as it was very obvious that this was his first real project and he gave it his and body to the point of becoming cliché and just gratuitously creepy (would a normal geriatric father REALLY need to pull his teen-age son's pants down to spank him? Lyen. Age: 20. I am naturally horny, i like to kiss and cuddle but also like handcuffs and sm games. The Netflix DVDs website is temporarily unavailable. (Andrew Woodhouse) is the first to escape: After his advances are rebuffed by the panicky Dieter (Matt Klemp), his desirable but confused high-school buddy, After a humiliating spanking at the hands of his homophobic father, Dieter begins to have second thoughts about Phillip, and he and Udo hit the road in search of. Keith Froelich directs this coming-of-age tale about two gay teens (Matt Klemp and Andrew Woodhouse) who migrate from the conservative small town of New Ulm, Minn., to the big city of We're even given a JAWDROPPING scene wherein Daddy Dieter pulls down sonny's swimsuit and administers a spanking. (Not to.

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Tiffany. Age: 23. I'm Abiella, a tall, leggy blonde model from Kensington, London but fear not this "Blonde Model" is not your typical stereotype Dieter is seen fully nude from both the front and the rear both at the beginning of the movie and at the end of the movie and is spanked bare bottom around the middle. Philip however is never seen nude on screen, and despite the theme there are no sex scenes in the movie. There are however a couple of intense make-out.


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