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The cold-chill, tingly-esque feeling a male experiences when having a long awaited pee. Usually causes one to twitch uncontrolably. May be accompanied by poophoria if taking a number 2. Why is it that sometimes when I pee I get the shivers? - Quora Alex. Age: 27. Because once you see me, you will love me Want to add to the discussion? Feb 25, - Commonly known as the "Pee Shakes" or if you're an adult, the "Piss Shivers." It's a tingling sensation down the spine which causes an involuntary twitch. Also it is the best excuse to use if you happen to piss on your urinal neighbor's shoes while drunk. The uncontrollable shaking is similar to the prolonged. Pamela. Age: 25. Leggy model and professional Dominant looking for reliable gents or slaves for play The Piss Shivers (band) Feb 4, - Fess up: you've always wondered why you sometimes shiver when peeing. Well, thanks to science, this oft-silently My ex used to always talk about "piss shivers" and I never knew what he was talking about and never heard it from any other source until today. So he was crazy, just not as crazy as I. Jun 10, - In a post about the science of sleep twitching, a reader brought up an unknown (to me) phenomenon: Pee shivers. Apparently these are experienced by a relatively large portion of the male population, and today we shall take a look at konservatizm.infog: origin.

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Liandra. Age: 19. If you are in vilnius feel free contact me. (If by phone: please note sms only.) The cause I've most commonly heard given in prior discussions (I've had a few - for some reason this gets brought up a lot around me) is that the loss of body fluid (ie. urine) causes a very small drop in core temperature, which results in shivering. This is false.. Unfortunately, the cause isn't exactly known as. The Piss Shivers are an old school punk rock band formed in The band, which is based out of the Philadelphia suburbs, are also occasionally referred to as the "Pee Shivers" when played on the radio. Starting in the winter of singer/guitarist Cedric Crouch (konservatizm.info Rokkgod) began making demo tapes with a. There's already a detailed answer. So, I'd be as brief as I can. Thanks for the A2A.:) More often than not the shiver or trembling the body goes through during or after peeing occurs after you have held on to the urine for quite a long time be Missing: origin.


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