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May 11, - UPDATED: Go here now for the free version of 3 Kinds of Pleasure: Adults only 18+ -Just had a great s. Erotic hypnosis (my experience and some tips) : sex Joyce. Age: 30. Please visit my website for 5 galleries of real and recent photos! No pictures of genitals are allowed. Feb 23, - Join the Circles of Pleasure here: Circles of Pleasure is my new game that takes you much deeperinto ever deeper pleasure. This gives y. Veronica. Age: 22. With me you'll feel complately relaxed This hypnosis video promises hands-free orgasms, and by god, it kind of works Wonderful hypnotic audio files of various levels of intensity for you to enjoy. view more details about the file. ▷ - View details and/or listen online + - Add to playlist (or use the dropdown above) . Join one of my sexy seminars as I hypnotize the whole audience, causing deep arousal. - An erotic thank you for 25, Jan 19, - This site, Hypwatch, was conceived in around November by a number of moderators of the previous leading erotic hypnosis site, Hypbook. We were.

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Tessa. Age: 26. Yet among all that beautiful lucre, you found me Mar 20, - Recently, I stumbled across a dusty catacomb of the Internet, a psychedelic place where kink meets hypnosis and orgasm ensues. It's called . Kinkier sites like eSuc​cubus sell albums of “erotic hypnosis," and audio tracks about themes such as lactation and latex fetishism. There's even a facet of. You are playfully invited to participate in a hypnotic resistance game where you try to avoid masturbating while being presented with alluring imagery for your cock's pleasure and your stud conditioning. Heightening desire, and guiding masturbation throughout, you are given the tools to have a truly massive orgasm but the. Even at this stage, though, I'm totally, blissfully enmeshed in Lee's voice and her words. The physical after-effects alone from a session with Ms. Lee are utterly amazing. The deeper, more substantial effects are even more amazing -- and stunningly, surprisingly helpful. I came to Ms. Lee for the potential that erotic hypnosis.


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