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Jun 12, - Perhaps you think stimulating your man's spot or having your g-spot stimulated makes you kinky in some kind of undesirable way or that it challenges your Orgasm. Prostate stimulation can lead to orgasm without any stimulation of the penis whatsoever, but this definitely takes some effort and dedication. Do men have a G-spot? You asked Google – here’s the answer | Gareth McLean | Opinion | The Guardian Christie. Age: 19. real GFE or PSE First, they are stretchers that can be used in preparation for first-time anal sex, making penetration easier and more comfortable. Compared to the female G-spot, its male counterpart is easier to find and pretty straightforward when it comes to stimulation. Feb 7, - -- learn how to find and stimulate male g spot! If you want to learn more on Male G Spot - How To Reach Prostate Orgasm, click on. Mimi. Age: 20. Young tight and everything nice Fingering The Male G-Spot: 16 Things You Need To Know About Prostate Massage If you're a woman who has ever had a g-spot orgasm, think about the first time it happened: how different it felt from any orgasm you'd had before, how intense and even surprising it was. The male g-spot is woefully ignored in so many men, so the first time you go for his prostate, it may be an incredible first-time experience. Nov 12, - I'm sure you've heard your man complain about having his prostate checked, but don't let that deter you. Having a prostate exam is no more sexually . the pleasure he deserves. The male G-spot is the one place on a man's body that is guaranteed to make him orgasm like never before. Don't believe me?

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Princess. Age: 25. +33 758 207622 Feb 18, - If you've never heard of the male g-spot, your partner is seriously missing out. Your man will be thanking you after his most intense orgasm EVER! Dec 22, - Men can have prostate orgasms without stimulation to the penis. Dec 23, - Getty - Contributor. 3. A man who couldn't stop orgasming has helped uncover the key to the best male climax - a MAN'S G-spot. His heady sexual heights helped experts prove that massaging the "male G-spot" really does provide blokes with more powerful orgasms, than good-old fashioned love making.


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